Change init sequence to support file level encryption

File level encryption must get the key between mounting userdata and
calling post_fs_data when the directories are created. This requires
access to keymaster, which in turn is found from a system property.

Split property loaded into system and data, and load in right order.

Bug: 22233063
Change-Id: I409c12e3f4a8cef474eb48818e96760fe292cc49
diff --git a/etc/init.rc b/etc/init.rc
index 6c07c60..4277277 100644
--- a/etc/init.rc
+++ b/etc/init.rc
@@ -47,8 +47,8 @@
     class_start default
 # Load properties from /system/ + /factory after fs mount.
-on load_all_props_action
-    load_all_props
+on load_system_props_action
+    load_system_props
 on firmware_mounts_complete
    rm /dev/.booting
@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@
     # Load properties from /system/ + /factory after fs mount. Place
     # this in another action so that the load will be scheduled after the prior
     # issued fs triggers have completed.
-    trigger load_all_props_action
+    trigger load_system_props_action
     # Remove a file to wake up anything waiting for firmware
     trigger firmware_mounts_complete