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# Copyright 2009 The Android Open Source Project
LOCAL_PATH := $(call my-dir)
updater_src_files := \
install.c \
# Build a statically-linked binary to include in OTA packages
include $(CLEAR_VARS)
# Build only in eng, so we don't end up with a copy of this in /system
# on user builds. (TODO: find a better way to build device binaries
# needed only for OTA packages.)
LOCAL_SRC_FILES := $(updater_src_files)
LOCAL_STATIC_LIBRARIES += libapplypatch libedify libmtdutils libminzip libz
LOCAL_STATIC_LIBRARIES += libmincrypt libbz
LOCAL_STATIC_LIBRARIES += libcutils libstdc++ libc
# Each library in TARGET_RECOVERY_UPDATER_LIBS should have a function
# named "Register_<libname>()". Here we emit a little C function that
# gets #included by updater.c. It calls all those registration
# functions.
# Devices can also add libraries to TARGET_RECOVERY_UPDATER_EXTRA_LIBS.
# These libs are also linked in with updater, but we don't try to call
# any sort of registration function for these. Use this variable for
# any subsidiary static libraries required for your registered
# extension libs.
inc := $(call intermediates-dir-for,PACKAGING,updater_extensions)/
# During the first pass of reading the makefiles, we dump the list of
# extension libs to a temp file, then copy that to the ".list" file if
# it is different than the existing .list (if any). The
# file then uses the .list as a prerequisite, so it is only rebuilt
# (and updater.o recompiled) when the list of extension libs changes.
junk := $(shell mkdir -p $(dir $(inc));\
echo $(TARGET_RECOVERY_UPDATER_LIBS) > $(inc).temp;\
diff -q $(inc).temp $(inc).list || cp -f $(inc).temp $(inc).list)
$(inc) : $(inc).list
$(hide) mkdir -p $(dir $@)
$(hide) echo "" > $@
$(hide) $(foreach lib,$(libs),echo "extern void Register_$(lib)(void);" >> $@)
$(hide) echo "void RegisterDeviceExtensions() {" >> $@
$(hide) $(foreach lib,$(libs),echo " Register_$(lib)();" >> $@)
$(hide) echo "}" >> $@
$(call intermediates-dir-for,EXECUTABLES,updater)/updater.o : $(inc)
LOCAL_C_INCLUDES += $(dir $(inc))
LOCAL_MODULE := updater