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* Copyright (C) 2009 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include "common.h"
#include "verifier.h"
#include "ui.h"
#include "mincrypt/sha.h"
#include "mincrypt/sha256.h"
// This is build/target/product/security/testkey.x509.pem after being
// dumped out by dumpkey.jar.
RSAPublicKey test_key =
{ 64, 0xc926ad21,
{ 0x6afee91fu, 0x7fa31d5bu, 0x38a0b217u, 0x99df9baeu,
0xfe72991du, 0x727d3c04u, 0x20943f99u, 0xd08e7826u,
0x69e7c8a2u, 0xdeeccc8eu, 0x6b9af76fu, 0x553311c4u,
0x07b9e247u, 0x54c8bbcau, 0x6a540d81u, 0x48dbf567u,
0x98c92877u, 0x134fbfdeu, 0x01b32564u, 0x24581948u,
0x6cddc3b8u, 0x0cd444dau, 0xfe0381ccu, 0xf15818dfu,
0xc06e6d42u, 0x2e2f6412u, 0x093a6737u, 0x94d83b31u,
0xa466c87au, 0xb3f284a0u, 0xa694ec2cu, 0x053359e6u,
0x9717ee6au, 0x0732e080u, 0x220d5008u, 0xdc4af350u,
0x93d0a7c3u, 0xe330c9eau, 0xcac3da1eu, 0x8ebecf8fu,
0xc2be387fu, 0x38a14e89u, 0x211586f0u, 0x18b846f5u,
0x43be4c72u, 0xb578c204u, 0x1bbfb230u, 0xf1e267a8u,
0xa2d3e656u, 0x64b8e4feu, 0xe7e83d4bu, 0x3e77a943u,
0x3559ffd9u, 0x0ebb0f99u, 0x0aa76ce6u, 0xd3786ea7u,
0xbca8cd6bu, 0x068ca8e8u, 0xeb1de2ffu, 0x3e3ecd6cu,
0xe0d9d825u, 0xb1edc762u, 0xdec60b24u, 0xd6931904u},
{ 0xccdcb989u, 0xe19281f9u, 0xa6e80accu, 0xb7f40560u,
0x0efb0bccu, 0x7f12b0bbu, 0x1e90531au, 0x136d95d0u,
0x9e660665u, 0x7d54918fu, 0xe3b93ea2u, 0x2f415d10u,
0x3d2df6e6u, 0x7a627ecfu, 0xa6f22d70u, 0xb995907au,
0x09de16b2u, 0xfeb8bd61u, 0xf24ec294u, 0x716a427fu,
0x2e12046fu, 0xeaf3d56au, 0xd9b873adu, 0x0ced340bu,
0xbc9cec09u, 0x73c65903u, 0xee39ce9bu, 0x3eede25au,
0x397633b7u, 0x2583c165u, 0x8514f97du, 0xe9166510u,
0x0b6fae99u, 0xa47139fdu, 0xdb8352f0u, 0xb2ad7f2cu,
0xa11552e2u, 0xd4d490a7u, 0xe11e8568u, 0xe9e484dau,
0xd3ef8449u, 0xa47055dau, 0x4edd9557u, 0x03a78ba1u,
0x770e130du, 0x16762facu, 0x0cbdfcc4u, 0xf3070540u,
0x008b6515u, 0x60e7e1b7u, 0xa72cf7f9u, 0xaff86e39u,
0x4296faadu, 0xfc90430eu, 0x6cc8f377u, 0xb398fd43u,
0x423c5997u, 0x991d59c4u, 0x6464bf73u, 0x96431575u,
0x15e3d207u, 0x30532a7au, 0x8c4be618u, 0x460a4d76u },
RSAPublicKey test_f4_key =
{ 64, 0xc9bd1f21,
{ 0x1178db1fu, 0xbf5d0e55u, 0x3393a165u, 0x0ef4c287u,
0xbc472a4au, 0x383fc5a1u, 0x4a13b7d2u, 0xb1ff2ac3u,
0xaf66b4d9u, 0x9280acefu, 0xa2165bdbu, 0x6a4d6e5cu,
0x08ea676bu, 0xb7ac70c7u, 0xcd158139u, 0xa635ccfeu,
0xa46ab8a8u, 0x445a3e8bu, 0xdc81d9bbu, 0x91ce1a20u,
0x68021cdeu, 0x4516eda9u, 0x8d43c30cu, 0xed1eff14u,
0xca387e4cu, 0x58adc233u, 0x4657ab27u, 0xa95b521eu,
0xdfc0e30cu, 0x394d64a1u, 0xc6b321a1u, 0x2ca22cb8u,
0xb1892d5cu, 0x5d605f3eu, 0x6025483cu, 0x9afd5181u,
0x6e1a7105u, 0x03010593u, 0x70acd304u, 0xab957cbfu,
0x8844abbbu, 0x53846837u, 0x24e98a43u, 0x2ba060c1u,
0x8b88b88eu, 0x44eea405u, 0xb259fc41u, 0x0907ad9cu,
0x13003adau, 0xcf79634eu, 0x7d314ec9u, 0xfbbe4c2bu,
0xd84d0823u, 0xfd30fd88u, 0x68d8a909u, 0xfb4572d9u,
0xa21301c2u, 0xd00a4785u, 0x6862b50cu, 0xcfe49796u,
0xdaacbd83u, 0xfb620906u, 0xdf71e0ccu, 0xbbc5b030u },
{ 0x69a82189u, 0x1a8b22f4u, 0xcf49207bu, 0x68cc056au,
0xb206b7d2u, 0x1d449bbdu, 0xe9d342f2u, 0x29daea58u,
0xb19d011au, 0xc62f15e4u, 0x9452697au, 0xb62bb87eu,
0x60f95cc2u, 0x279ebb2du, 0x17c1efd8u, 0xec47558bu,
0xc81334d1u, 0x88fe7601u, 0x79992eb1u, 0xb4555615u,
0x2022ac8cu, 0xc79a4b8cu, 0xb288b034u, 0xd6b942f0u,
0x0caa32fbu, 0xa065ba51u, 0x4de9f154u, 0x29f64f6cu,
0x7910af5eu, 0x3ed4636au, 0xe4c81911u, 0x9183f37du,
0x5811e1c4u, 0x29c7a58cu, 0x9715d4d3u, 0xc7e2dce3u,
0x140972ebu, 0xf4c8a69eu, 0xa104d424u, 0x5dabbdfbu,
0x41cb4c6bu, 0xd7f44717u, 0x61785ff7u, 0x5e0bc273u,
0x36426c70u, 0x2aa6f08eu, 0x083badbfu, 0x3cab941bu,
0x8871da23u, 0x1ab3dbaeu, 0x7115a21du, 0xf5aa0965u,
0xf766f562u, 0x7f110225u, 0x86d96a04u, 0xc50a120eu,
0x3a751ca3u, 0xc21aa186u, 0xba7359d0u, 0x3ff2b257u,
0xd116e8bbu, 0xfc1318c0u, 0x070e5b1du, 0x83b759a6u },
RecoveryUI* ui = NULL;
// verifier expects to find a UI object; we provide one that does
// nothing but print.
class FakeUI : public RecoveryUI {
void Init() { }
void SetBackground(Icon icon) { }
void SetProgressType(ProgressType determinate) { }
void ShowProgress(float portion, float seconds) { }
void SetProgress(float fraction) { }
void ShowText(bool visible) { }
bool IsTextVisible() { return false; }
bool WasTextEverVisible() { return false; }
void Print(const char* fmt, ...) {
va_list ap;
va_start(ap, fmt);
vfprintf(stderr, fmt, ap);
void StartMenu(const char* const * headers, const char* const * items,
int initial_selection) { }
int SelectMenu(int sel) { return 0; }
void EndMenu() { }
ui_print(const char* format, ...) {
va_list ap;
va_start(ap, format);
vfprintf(stdout, format, ap);
int main(int argc, char **argv) {
if (argc < 2 || argc > 4) {
fprintf(stderr, "Usage: %s [-sha256] [-f4 | -file <keys>] <package>\n", argv[0]);
return 2;
Certificate default_cert;
Certificate* cert = &default_cert;
cert->public_key = &test_key;
cert->hash_len = SHA_DIGEST_SIZE;
int num_keys = 1;
if (strcmp(argv[0], "-sha256") == 0) {
cert->hash_len = SHA256_DIGEST_SIZE;
if (strcmp(argv[0], "-f4") == 0) {
cert->public_key = &test_f4_key;
} else if (strcmp(argv[0], "-file") == 0) {
cert = load_keys(argv[0], &num_keys);
ui = new FakeUI();
int result = verify_file(*argv, cert, num_keys);
if (result == VERIFY_SUCCESS) {
return 0;
} else if (result == VERIFY_FAILURE) {
printf("NOT VERIFIED\n");
return 1;
} else {
printf("bad return value\n");
return 3;